2017 Ford F-150 Runs the Gamut From Confident to Capable

The Ford F-150 is the kind of pickup that if we listed all the qualities, features, and models that make it stand out, it would probably crash our blog. After all, with forty years as the half-ton favorite of American pickups, there’s a lot to cover. In 2017, the light-and-tough F-150 is more competent than ever, and can fit a variety of different needs.

We’ve seen shoppers choose the F-150 as a family-friendly errand runner with a shorter bed and larger cab, or a tripped-out, work-ready monster. While it leads its class with 12,200 lbs. max towing, 470 lb-ft of torque, 8,500 lbs. max payload, the options sheet is rife with add-ons that make loading and navigating all that cargo easier. Features like FordPass also let you control functionality when you’re not even in the cab at all—with remote start, parking finder, and fuel checks supported.

Take a look at Autotrader’s five reasons to own the F-150 above, and if you find yourself enticed, let our Ford dealership in Fenton, MI entice you further with a full rundown. We can go over features, options, financing, and schedule you for a test drive.

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