Possible Tests and Signs To Look For With Worn Tires And How to Get Them Fixed

To make sure your car is in peak condition, you will want to check the durability of your tires. If the tires are worn out, then you will need to test the treading on them. Determining whether you need new tires can be done by a technician who inspects them.

​At Lasco Ford, you will find that there are many tires to choose from. You may require professional assistance while your car is being inspected. In tests measuring worn out tires and their stopping distances, they noticed that it took a car ten additional car lengths to stop on worn tires. You can ask Lasco Ford for our tire inspections so that you do not have to deal with unsafe driving conditions. Tires will lose their traction, and checking their effectiveness can be done through a penny or quarter test. You will want to look at tread wear indicators to see if you need replacements.
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