How To Avoid Hydroplaning On Wet Roads

Many motorists are unaware that driving in the rain can be just as hazardous as driving in the snow and ice. It only takes a few inches of water on a road to act as a lubricant, causing unsuspecting drivers to lose control of their vehicle.

Fortunately, when the proper precautions are taken, drivers can ensure that they arrive at their destination safely. Speed is a common variable in almost all accidents. In inclement weather, driving 10 mph below the speed limit is advised. Drivers should also refrain from using cruise control; it slows reaction times if control of the vehicle is lost.

Quality tires greatly reduce a vehicle's chances of hydroplaning. Tires should have good treads and be balanced and rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Stop by Lasco Ford's Fenton, MI location today, and our experienced service technicians will attend to all of your car care needs.

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