Ford Edge Capabilities to Look Out For

Not only do drivers say that the Ford Edge is a pleasure to drive, they also have stated that it’s the most capable of all the midsize SUVs in its class. That’s because Ford has fine-tuned the 2019 model to come with more space, interior features, and driver assistance system. The Edge is a stylish, sporty new take on an SUV. They don’t have to be oversized boats that gobble up your gas. The Edge proves that they just have to be sleek and engineered for performance.

At base, the Edge puts out 250 horsepower and gets 29 mpg on the highway. It comes with a laundry list of features, including blind spot monitoring, lane departure assist, rearview parking assist, traffic alerts, adjustable outboard head restraints, and so much more. You can access all of the safety and entertainment through the LED display in the center console.

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