Ford Fusion Energi and the Incredible Performance Features

Perhaps the biggest reason that the Ford Fusion Energi is a popular plug-in hybrid has to do with the performance features in this vehicle.

Other drivers on the road will have no trouble being able to see your Ford Fusion Energi coming down the road. The LED taillamps and headlamps of the Ford Fusion Energi are bright enough for other drivers to easily see in inclement weather. That being said, you will be able to see better on the roads too when the lights are on.

The Ford Fusion Energi makes use of an anti-lock braking system to keep you and your passengers safer. When you need to stop this hybrid in a hurry, instead of the car stopping short, braking power will be distributed to each tire differently to slow it down safely.

The Ford Fusion Energi is now here at Lasco Ford and ready if you would like to take one out for a test drive.

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