Ford Co-Pilot360 delivers the most comprehensive driver-assist suite for 2019. Combining dynamic cameras, monitoring and interactive braking, Ford Co-Pilot360 helps drives contend with increasingly more congested roads and unforeseen distractions. We here at Lasco Ford love to see this suite in action. Here are two features of the suite we really appreciate.

The Lane-Keeping System uses several technologies to prevent accidents. When drivers need to correct course, the Lane-Keeping System utilizes steering wheel vibration, steering torque or visual and audio warnings. The latter warnings trigger when an forward-looking camera linked to an alert system continuously monitors driver's patterns for deviations.

Pre-Collision Assist signals warning flashes and alert sounds when detecting another vehicle or pedestrian crossing in front of the Ford's path. Pre-Collision Assist complements Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). AEB occurs when a driver's response lags after warning flashes and alert sounds transpire.

Ford intends for the Co-Pilot360 suite to be standard on at least 90 percent of all new Ford models by 2019.



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