Ford C-Max: Smart in More Ways Than One

The Ford C-Max is a popular international platform that is admired for it's versatility, economy, and functionality. Just like its smaller sibling, the Ford Focus, the C-Max infuses unique styling with most of Ford's signature smart features that make the car a huge hit around the world.

The centerpiece of the C-Max smart technology lineup is the advanced Sync 3 system. This system incorporates smartphones as an extension of the vehicle. Much more than a Bluetooth headset, Sync 3 manages entertainment, navigation, and information with a simple and natural voice prompt. Sync 3 also features Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows owners to view vehicle diagnostic info and even lock and unlock doors remotely from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal.

The Ford C-Max is more than just reliable transportation. It becomes an extension of the owner and a helpful tool in navigating everyday life. The experts at Lasco Ford can show the Sync 3 system and all of the key features the C-Max has to offer.



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