The new Ford Super Duty is a full-size pickup truck with work built into its DNA. This powerful and popular pickup truck is built to perform well under the toughest outdoor work conditions. To this end, this vehicle includes many suspension, engine, and technology systems that allow it to achieve this goal. In addition, this vehicle also includes many accessories designed to make the work lives of drivers much easier. Among these tools are special power generation technologies as well as braking force enhancement tools.

The Ford Super Duty is designed to work under many inclement weather conditions. During times like these, many workers need to use non-vehicular accessories that require considerable amounts of electrical power. The new Super Duty takes care of this with its specialized Live-Drive Power Takeoff Provision system. This system connects a special gear to the motor which allows for the production of power. The system works whether the vehicle is actively traveling or at rest.

The Ford truck also keeps drivers and passengers safer when they are en route to their destinations. It does this with a number of systems that include the Ford Diesel Engine Exhaust Braking system. This system is inspired by the engine brakes used by the big rigs. It can make use of turbocharger exhaust to create reverse pressure that can enhance the force provided by the brakes. Because the new Ford Super Duty is designed to tow very heavy loads, this engine braking capability can give the main brakes a little time off during steep and long descents.



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