The new Ford Edge is automotive ingenuity at its finest. It would be mighty hard trying to find another performance SUV that can outperform this vehicle. The Edge ST is an SUV for all occasions. You can cruise the city streets in style or you can hit the open highway for a road trip.

This particular SUV utilizes radar-based sensors to keep you safe while on the highway. These radar-based sensors do a phenomenal job of preventing road hazards by alerting the driver of any hidden dangers that may be lurking. The vehicle's Intelligent all-wheel drive system provides copious amounts of traction for every wheel, especially when traction is lost. There's even an option for a hands-free, foot-activated liftgate. Consumers can also opt for a 180-degree camera as well as cold weather and cargo packages.

The options are endless with the Ford Edge ST so come on down and see this remarkable SUV up-close and in person.



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