Ford Transit Passenger Wagon: Versatility and Performance Highlights

Featuring a lineup of two trims, the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is a van that has major strengths in utility, comfort and performance. Businesses should contact Lasco Ford to discuss financing options for this full-size model that has up to 15 seats.

Depending on the wheelbase, the car's towing capacity ranges from 3,800 to 5,100 pounds. The vehicle's payload ratings range from 2,700 to 3,520 pounds. Of course, the horsepower and torque ratings vary widely based on the selection of the Ti-VCT, EcoBoost and Power Stroke engine blocks. Turbochargers are integrated into the EcoBoost and Power Stroke powertrain units.

Breaking away from conventional mechanical design, the diesel engine only has a total of five inline cylinders. Both gas engines in this Ford van utilize classic V6 arrangements. This versatile model also offers a six-speed gearbox with a function that's reserved for overdrive. Additionally, the SelectShift technology modulates some settings in the auto transmission system.



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