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Possible Tests and Signs To Look For With Worn Tires And How to Get Them Fixed

To make sure your car is in peak condition, you will want to check the durability of your tires. If the tires are worn out, then you will need to test the treading on them. Determining whether you need new tires can be done by a technician who inspects them.

​At Lasco Ford, you will find that there are many tires to choose from. You may require professional assistance while your car is being inspected. In tests measuring worn out tires and their stopping distances, they noticed that it took...
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The Obnoxious Oil Change

If you are anything like me, I know you dread changing your oil. You know it is important, but always seem to put it off as long as you can. I'm here to let you know that is a terrible plan! I just recently learned how important oil changes really are.

Imagine a pool. Pools are great and easy to move through. What would happen if that pool you were thing of had a dirty filter? The Water would become dirty and sludge filled after time. This is similar to the oil in the car. If the oil and…
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Enjoy the full potential of your Ford vehicle with genuine Ford accessories from Lasco Ford!

So, you've just bought a new Ford vehicle, now what? For most folks the first few weeks with a new vehicle are all about learning the new systems and getting a feel for how it drives, but for some, their new car, truck, or SUV doesn't truly feel like their own until they've customized it a bit. And whether that means practical things like all-weather floor mats and cargo area protectors, or custom trims like racing stripes and even fuzzy dice on the mirror, every driver is unique in how they like to deck out their vehicle…

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