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There's the Ford Edge & Then There's Everything Else

For 2018, the all-new Ford Edge is bringing a ton of technological features and striking good-looks. Here at Lasco Ford in Fenton, we have a nice selection of the 2018 Ford Edge, which comes in the colors of metallic blue, oxford white, shadow black, white platinum and many more.

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Ford Wins Another Award

For most drivers, Ford has become synonymous with many different characteristics including safety, reliability, and economy. For years, the automaker has been churning out car after car with the same precise considerations that have made it one of the most trusted brands. In fact, it was recently recognized for these very characteristics.

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Enjoy the full potential of your Ford vehicle with genuine Ford accessories from Lasco Ford!

So, you've just bought a new Ford vehicle, now what? For most folks the first few weeks with a new vehicle are all about learning the new systems and getting a feel for how it drives, but for some, their new car, truck, or SUV doesn't truly feel like their own until they've customized it a bit. And whether that means practical things like all-weather floor mats and cargo area protectors, or custom trims like racing stripes and even fuzzy dice on the mirror, every driver is unique in how they like to deck out their vehicle…

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Make sure your Ford vehicle is ready for any weather with Premium Floor Liners!

Here in Michigan, it's not an exaggeration to say that we deal with some pretty wild weather. From our snowy winters, to muddy spring time, to those sudden summer showers that seem to come out of nowhere, we see it all in our northerly state. Unfortunately, while our doormats at home may help us keep from tracking that snow, mud, and water into our houses, it's a bit harder to keep it out of your vehicles. Luckily, Ford has plenty of accessories to suit any drivers' needs, and with its Premium Floor Liners, it can help you keep…

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