Explore Bargain Vehicles Under $10,000 in Fenton and Flint Areas

At Lasco Ford, we have a wide range of used cars, trucks & SUVs which allow you to find the right vehicle, and at the right price. This includes vehicles which offer plenty of savings, such as our inventory of used vehicles for under $10,000. You're able to find a reliable ride at an affordable price and we're happy to highlight them all for you at the dealership.

Browse Our Used Cars Under $10K

This lineup is for those who know they're working on a budget, or simply want a vehicle that's affordable. It's enticing because not only are the prices low, but there's quality here too. A well-maintained vehicle no matter the make or mileage it has can last for a long time. It's why for those in Flint be it a first-time car buyer, a new driver, or someone simply looking for reliability at a low cost, these used car options are here for you, and we can showcase them all. We'll go over the details in this always changing inventory of used cars under $10,000. If you find one that grabs your attention, we can set up a test drive to give you a personal, hands-on feel.

Once you've found the ideal vehicle in this selection, we can also assist you in finding the right financing too. That includes being able to secure an auto loan. We'll help you get quality rates and terms so you can drive off in areas like Fenton and Flint and get a great deal on your next vehicle.

Learn More and Come Shop for Bargain Used Vehicles Near Flint

You can explore all the used cars we have here at Lasco Ford. We'd be happy to highlight them all and help you find your next vehicle at an affordable price.