The Lasco Ford team of car loan specialists are proud to offer Guaranteed Credit Approval for our clients.  We understand that credit problems can happen with good people and that everyone deserves a second change with a car loan.  

We have worked for over 30 years building relationships with bad credit auto loan lenders to give us the ability to offer car loans to clients that may have experience bankruptcy, foreclosure, or even repossession.  Our goal is to get our customers into another vehicle that allows them to reestablish their credit history and get back on the track for good credit history.  

One of the most important factors when looking for a car loan with damaged credit history, is find the vehicle that will fit your needs and a lender willing to give you a loan for what it costs.  We not only work with car loan institutions to make a wide range of vehicles available, we specifically go out an acquire a wide range of vehicles to keep in stock.  

So, the wait is officially over!  Go ahead and click the link below to start the easy process of getting a guaranteed credit approval for a car loan today!  We look forward to getting you into the car of your dreams and helping you reestablish your credit history.  


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