If you are looking to get a value on your car, truck or SUV, Lasco Ford in Fenton, Michigan has the best vehicle value tool available to get you the value you are looking for.  You can easily fill out the vehicle trade value tool above to get an accurate value of your car today.  

The Lasco team understands that many customers are asking "What's my car worth" and that it is not easy to get the real value they should expect when visiting a dealership to trade in their car.  There are many sites like Kelly Blue Book or Autotrader that have attempted to solve this concern, but they are limited to the real market data that drives the value of your car.  That is why Lasco Ford has a partnership with Blackbook technology to use live market data that can come up with an accurate value range of your vehicle and what it is worth in today's market.  

We look forward to helping you find your cars value today and know that you will be happy withe the results we are able to offer to our customers.  Lasco Ford is Michigan's used car volume leader and this allow the buying power of our dealership to put higher values into trade vehicles compared to most dealerships.  We sell a high volume of used cars and have demand for all makes and models, which means we can give you more for your trade-in.  

Go ahead and use the simple vehicle value tool above and get your cars value today.