Finding Great Used Cars For Sale in Michigan

In today's market it is not easy to just go out and find the perfect used car for sale in Michigan.  Many of our clients find this hard to believe, that is of course until they start their search and find that the available inventory of used cars in Michigan is actually lower than expected.  

The team at Lasco Ford has recognized this shortage of used car inventory and has taken action to provide our customers with the best used car selection available in today's market.  

First, we knew that in order to get the volume of used cars, acquisition thru new cars sold and used cars traded in was going to be a key factor.  We immediately started to reach out to our past clients and current service customers to inform them that this could be the perfect opportunity to get a top value on their current vehicle.  We partnered that communication with special incentives on new vehicle leases and purchases so the transition for the customers would be very attractive.  This could not have worked out any better.  Our past clients were immediately getting into brand new cars, many of them at the same or lower payment they had and we were able to take in one-owner used cars that were perfect for inventory.  

The second step to our used car selection success, has been our ability to purchase vehicles directly from local people.  Many people that live in Michigan has life changing events where they are looking to sell their vehicle and not purchase another.  We have advertised to this clientele and have been purchasing fantastic used cars like lease vehicles, and many brands other than Ford, like Chevy, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, GMC, and more. 

We know that we have the selection it takes to service Michigan used car shoppers and look forward to helping you get into the vehicle that you need.  You can browse our entire used car inventory here.  


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