Lasco Ford Chill Out Day with Kona Ice of Fenton

Tuesday is the day some of you dread.

It's tax deadline day.

Some of you though already have your taxes done.

And one local dealership is helping customers relieve their recent tax stress.

Lasco Ford on Owen Road in Fenton held the Kona Ice Annual National Chill Out Day.For the second year in a row, they gave out free samples of shaved ice cones this afternoon.

"The truck is out here because it's the end of Tax season, it's Tax Day, and Jay thought we should all chill out, so he brought the Chill Truck out for us today so we could all get a free Snow Cone,” said Austin Schillman of the dealership.

A reminder to those who are not yet able to chill out this tax season, state income taxes are due by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday.

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