Drive Safely with Ford's Blind Spot Information System

Every driver from time to time forgets to check their blind spot. They gaze into their rear views and think it’s perfectly safe to change lanes, only to find the car they did not see is already there. Enter Ford's new Blind Spot Information System.

BLIS uses a series of sensors placed on your car to detect approaching vehicles. Whether it be alongside your vehicle, or ten feet behind the bumper, BLIS will beep to let you know someone is there. Ford also offer Cross Traffic Alert, another series of sensors that detects oncoming traffic as you back up. Both systems provide extra added safety for you and your loved ones. BLIS is designed for assistance only, so drivers still need to remain vigilant when behind the wheel.

Ford's BLIS system ensures the utmost in accident prevention. Learn more about this wonderful system by contacting our staff at Lasco Ford.

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