Limited Edition 2018 Ford Focus RS Dials Up Beast Mode

If you’ve been considering going for the 2018 Ford Focus RS, you might want to make your decision soon. Only 1,000 units will be coming to America, and the order books fill up fast. Pair that with the new standard features the hot hatch will be getting in its swan-song model year, and you’ll find it’s more tempting than ever.

Hold up—swan song? Isn’t the Focus RS still new? Yes. But a new Focus family is arriving in 2019, including a new RS, so 2018 will be the last time you can get it in this version. As a result, Ford is making the RS2 package standard, and adding carbon fiber components to the door handles, brake lever, and turbo boost gauge housing. The biggest news is the new limited-slip differential from Quaife, which will work with the rear axle’s brake and torque vectoring controls to cut back on wheel spinning during acceleration. This will give drivers smoother acceleration, and keep all 350 horses of the turbocharged four-cylinder in play.

Those interested in ordering the 2018 Focus RS have but one recourse—contacting our Ford dealership in Fenton, MI before the order books are full. We can let you know about availability and specs when you call.

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